The Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Beginners Guide On Search Engine Optimization

Amazon is the world’s largest ecommerce site. While selling on the Amazon Marketplace will allow you to connect with a wide audience, you’ll also be facing stiff competition. Learning more about SEO for Amazon Marketplace will help your products to stand out.

People use keywords to search for products on Amazon, just like they would on Google and other major search engines. Amazon SEO is the best way to boost the visibility of your products.

Use Keyword Tools to Find the Best Keyword for Your Product

When people are searching for products like the ones you’re selling, what are they typing into the search bar? You can use keyword tools to find potential keywords that are relevant to your product. ()

As an example, if you’re selling headbands for young girls, you could try keywords like “girl headbands ages 4-6” or “elastic headbands for girls.” Keyword research doesn’t take much time, and it can make it much easier for potential customers to find your product.

Put Your Keyword In Your Product Title

Make sure that the main keyword you’re targeting is included in your product title. While this could lead to a long title, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you browse top-ranking Amazon products, you’ll quickly notice that many of them have lengthy titles.

Title optimization is one of the most important elements of Amazon SEO. Your title should also include the product’s brand name. You may want to mention the product’s target audience or a description of what the product does.

Include Additional Keywords In Your Product Bullets

When someone clicks on your product listing, the first words they’ll see are your product bullets. These bullets won’t have an impact on where your product ranks in search results, but they can increase your conversion rate.

Product sales is crucial if you want to have a top-ranking product on Amazon. Amazon wants to promote products that sell well, and because of that, sales are kind when it comes to rankings.

Why will putting keywords in your product bullets boost your sales? It’s a way to show that your product is relevant to a potential customer. If you can demonstrate to the customer that the product is in line with what they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

Use Backend Search Terms

Your visible product listing is just one element of SEO for Amazon Marketplace. You can also select backend keywords that tell Amazon more about your product.

What are backend search terms? They’re keywords that the people viewing your product listing can’t see. It’s a way to use a wide range of keywords in your listing without stuffing your product description with keyword after keyword.

To add backend keywords to your content, just log into Amazon’s Seller Center. Head to the Inventory tab, then click on the Offer tab. From there, click on Keywords. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to choose hidden keywords for your listing.


If you want to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace, you need to understand want shoppers are looking for. By choosing the right keywords and creating a product listing that appeals to Amazon customers, you’ll be able to set your products up for success.



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